Packing Tips From An Inexperienced Traveller

Despite the impression given by the lovely incredibly staged photograph that goes alongside this post,  I do intend to pack more than a pair of shorts, a bikini and a way too small bottle of suncream but I hate packing. I hate it so much in fact that I go away in less than a week and have done absolutely nothing to prepare for my travels! So it made sense to me that rather than actually get on and get packed I would instead write a blog post containing very obvious advice that I have in no way followed…


Make a tonne of lists

Fail to prepare then prepare…to forget important things like ear plus and inspect repellent and that all important defrizzing hair serum. Lists are my favourite thing, making me feel more organised without actually having to do anything. But seriously this just means you can tick things of as you go and hopefully nothing will be forgotten.

Pack Smart

By this I mean actually think about the fact that you are going to have to unpack your bag at some point so may as well make it easier for yourself now. I am trying not to just pile all my things into my rucksack but separating them into smaller bags that I can pull out individually when I need to. Similarly, think about the things that you will use regularly and put them on top, just saves you having to pull out all of your underwear just to get to your suncream.

Roll Your Clothes

This is really nothing new, I have been doing this since my family decided we would only take hand luggage on every trip we went on ( yep  a 3 week California road trip with a 56 x 45 x 25 cm bag) . Rather than folding all of your clothes, roll them up and they will take up half the space, and they will get a lot less creased.


Plan Outfits

I get so lazy when I am packing I can just end up throwing in all my clothes and only actually wearing half on them on holiday. Since I am short on space I am trying to realistically think about what I do and don’t need, and a good way to do this is lay out all the clothes you plan on taking and check if they are all essential and all have something to wear with.


Load Up On Freebies

In the word of Thomas Cromwell, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Get’ (maybe he didn’t actually say this IRL my history is based on Wolf Hall), so during those last minute stressful shopping trips make sure to constantly ask makeup and cosmetics shops if they have any testers of their products.  The Body Shop and Lush both willing give out testers (usually very generous testers might I add) and makeup stands always have secret draws packed with conveniently small versions of their stuff. I was recently at a Chanel stand and when the lovely assistant heard I was going travelling she gave me a bag full, including a teeny tube of a £150 face mask!




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