Why I Love…FIKA

It all started so well didn’t it?  I really was sticking to writing regularly, but recently I have been feeling so bored with my own ideas which is such a typically excuse, but I feel I have had nothing interesting to write about and even now I am thinking how cringey and cliche this is all getting. I have started a new job in a bar, and not a bar that attracts a particularly creative crowd of Kerouac like characters, it’s more just old men drinking into their Guinness and telling me to make the most of my youth. Despite this I do really enjoy it, however, pulling pints really is beginning to take over my life and I feel I am at risk of becoming completely nocturnal.

Last weekend however I dragged myself away from dim lights and sticky floors to go on holiday to Stockholm (more of that hopefully in my next post) and for the first time in a while I felt like maybe I could face looking at my neglected blog. So I am starting a new series as a way to make me pay some more attention to my small piece of the internet. Why I Love… is pretty self explanatory, each month I am going to do a really short and in no way groundbreaking post on something or even someone I have found exiting or inspiring or just interesting…

This month it’s Fika. Whilst it may sound like a piece of IKEA furniture, it isn’t, although it does have the same origins. Fika is a simple swedish concept, it literally means to have a break and drink coffee (or tea, I suppose that could work too) and eat delicious sticky cinnamon buns (or again I supposed that could be substituted for a kitkat). I don’t mean grabbing a cappuccino to go or to sit nursing your latte in front of your laptop, to Fika is to properly stop, a true break , to sit alone and contemplate, catch up with friends or get out of the office with your colleagues. Fika is so important to swedish life that is has become both a verb and a noun, it is a social institution that I am trying to take influence from.


I have actually found it surprisingly hard to completely switch off for even the short amount of time it takes to drink a cup of coffee,  my fingers are itching to check my phone or to reach for my laptop. However I am already seeing the benefits of learning to Fika, I have started to read more (I am an english graduate who struggles to pick up a book btw…), I pick up the newspapers more (again wannabe journalist who gets all her news online…) and just having this little routine in my unorganised and unstructured life is making me feel slightly more in control. Whilst I am still having to force myself to take twenty minutes out of my day, I think this whole Fika idea is something I could definitely get used to, the Swedes are definitely onto something here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.27.22



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  1. Hi Hebe! This is such a nice thing to do! I think we should learn about this and try to leave our phones/pcs for a while and focus on other stuff. Here in Argentina we have Mate on the afternoon, that’s a moment to sit down with family or friends and catch up, ask about our day, or just laugh at stuff. We drink Mate for a while and that’s a nice moment for a break haha
    thanks for sharing this and teaching us about Fika! (It sounds so nice as well!)
    Have a nice week and hopefully a brand new wave of blog post ideas! 🙂 xx


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