Spring Beauty Essentials

There are daffodils on my bedside table, so I don’t care that my phone tells me its two degrees outside and that it actually snowed yesterday, spring its on its way. I was thinking of finally biting the bullet and celebrating the new season with my first fashion post, but my wardrobe at the moment is not coping well with this in-between season, not quite winter and not quite spring weather, it seems to be made up of christmas jumpers and tiny shorts, with very little in-between. So I opted for the easier option of telling you all whats on my face rather than whats on my body, since the latter is a bit of a sham.


I will start with lip products since I am uncharacteristically very keen on them at the moment. I have a tendency to shy away from putting anything apart from vaseline on my lips but since the weather has been brightening up, along with my mood, I have been drawn to some pretty sunny colours. My favourites have been orangey reds- Mac Chilli, Bourjois Rouge Velvet, Hot Pepper and Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque in particular in 72 (which apologies I think this may have been discontinued). Word of warning however, with the later two make sure you put on loads of lip balm before hand since they can be quite drying but on the plus side they last ages.

On less brave days I have been enjoying Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lipstick in no. 32, which is a really lovely pale coral colour but it admittedly goes a lot better with a tan, of which I am definitely lacking at the moment.




I think a bright lip looks best with a really minimal eye so I have pretty much only been wearing a bit a mascara. My favourite at the moment has been Mac’s False Lashes mascara, which has taken top place from my Bad Gal Benefit one which dried up months ago, but I love the wand so much I was still scraping out every last bit. Actually, I have a bit of tip on the topic of mascara wands, if you find one you really like keep the wand even when the product dries out and, until you can replace it, you can still use it to apply any other spare mascaras you have hanging around.


My two favourites have been a Sleek one I bought last summer and have rediscovered and a Bourjois one I got only recently. They look really nice layer on one another since the sleek one is matte, the lovely glittery bourjois pot can give it some shimmer.



I bought my first ever mac foundation this month and oh boy oh boy I love it. I went with studio fix fluid (I’m the colour NW20 whatever that means), it’s quite high coverage, higher than I am used to anyway and it takes me a bit longer to apply but the final result is perfect! Another product new to me is the Bourjois bronzing powder (yes bourjours was on 3 for 2 this month can you tell?). Its barely got any shimmer to it which I love and it’s great for contouring since is a really natural pale tan colour. In terms of a primer, the mac foundation definitely needs a really moisturising base since its quite matte. I have been using the Maybelline baby skin for over a year now and so far it has stopped the studio fix looking too flat.


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.27.22


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