Brand of the Month

I first discovered this brand whilst delayed for twenty two hours at Corfu airport. For those who have never have the pleasure of spending time in the departures lounge of said airport, let me paint you a picture. Scattered across the one single terminal are groups of half dead looking teenagers who have had their first taste of post-exam freedom, they lie slumped against whatever vertical surface they can find, dripping in neon Kavos paraphernalia and boasting, what at the time seemed a great idea, matching tattoos. Dotted amongst these zombies are families trying to control their wailing toddlers, older couples whose tans give them a close resemblance to umpa-lumpa and the occasional huddle of poshos who all seem to be wearing the same Ralph Lauren shirt just with a different colour chino short. In the middle of  this strange array of people lies a very small duty free shop, and when I say small I mean teeny tiny, barely big enough to kill ten minutes let alone a whole day. Nevertheless, it was a result of this unfortunate experience that I fortunately found Korres.

I had never heard of the Greek brand before (this was back in 2012), but I was drawn in my the gorgeous packaging and reasonable price. My first purchase was of course, considering the circumstances described previously, face wipes- Milk Protein Cleansing Wipes to be specific. They worked like a dream, but since all the writing on the packaging was in Greek so I had no way on knowing that they in fact contained, no parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemical, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan- I don’t entirely know what some of those ingredients are but that probably just shows that aren’t any good for your skin. Since the beautiful face wipes I admittedly forgot about Korres until my 21st birthday when I was treated to so many of their amazing products- (John Lewis stock them and I have even seen them in TK Maxx!!) Here are a few details on the specific products I am loving at the moment…

Lip Butters

Unknown to me, there was a massive hypes about Korres lip butters a few years ago and I can see why. They are great for when your lips actually need moisturising but you also want a wash of colour. I know that so many tinted lip balms seem to do either or- EITHER you get a really moisturising lip balm with no colour pay off at all OR you get a shitty lip balm that has great pigmentation. These are the best of both worlds.


At the moment I am using the flavour/colour Jasmine since I am experimenting with nudes (I know, isn’t everyone) but they come in six different shades. I loved wild rose all the way through from october to about 3 weeks ago when I replaced it with Jasmine which is a lot more sheer than the others I have tried but looks lovely over my growing collection of natural lipsticks.

The packaging is the cutest, HOWEVER, I am so picky about pots of lip balm, I hate sticking my finger into a product that will inevitably end up in my mouth. I put up with though if I really love a product, and I do love these lip balms.

Body Lotions


I have a love hate relationship with body moisturisers and I confess I rarely moisturise which I know is awful, its such an effort and I hate that sticky, greasy feeling. However, I can be persuaded by the right product and I have actually been using my Korres moisturiser a couple of times a week- big commitment for me. Its not really thick but still feels lovely and indulgent and like its doing the job, its sinks in so quickly so I don’t have to dance around in the nude waiting for it to dry- always a plus. The smell is delicious, some may think that lily of the valley is quite a, ahem, mature smell but I love it, I am a granny when it comes to scents, lavender, rose, jasmine throw them all at me.

Cleansing Face washes


The face washes are the newest additions to my Korres collection but they are so far my favourite. Skin care is quickly becoming my new thing, I am spending so much more on it than I am makeup which I suppose could be seen as a good thing. I think it has something to with Caroline Hirons who a girl at work introduced me to, she makes me believe that I am ‘investing in my skin.’ Anyways, Korres do a huge range of different facial cleansers, all suited for different skin types. I am currently alternating between the one for oily skin and the one for sensitive skin and so far they are proving to be really lovely. They create a gentle lather that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry afterwards, which can be the downfall of most foaming cleansers. Both products have a light and refreshing fragrance and they make my skin appear so much fresher and brighter.



Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.27.22


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