A Desk of One’s Own

My New Years resolutions never seem to live past January, and are pretty much the same every year: eat healthier, get fitter, drink more water, and the one that I always try and stick to the longest, be more organised! Virginia Woolf made a very good point when she noted that “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. Whilst I don’t have any intention to write a novel (yet) I have quickly realised the importance of having my own space when it comes to getting slightly better at organising my life. So here are my top three tips that I am writing down in the hope that I will practice what I preach…

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

For me this is perhaps the most important, I find it near impossible to get anything done if I am surrounded by clutter. For me my workspace- if thats even what you could call my teeny desk- needs to be an inspiring place, and whats inspiring about piles of clothes and mouldy coffee cups? I am also admittedly very picky about having the right stationary, the right note pads (lined, spiral bound of course), the right pens (always black biro), the right diary (small enough to carry around but big enough to fit in everything) and my most vital for the last couple of years, the right calendar. It may be true that a poor workman blames his tools, but I feel like this may be an exception, an untidy and uninspiring work space certainly seems to increase my stress levels and hence often decreases my productivity.





Make Lists

So far I have made at least one list every day of this year, yes thats a grand total of at least six lists, and they have actually really been helping me get most of what I want to get done, done. Writing down your aims always makes them feel slightly less daunting, especially if you break everything down into smaller tasks that you can tick off as you go along. I tend to make lists the night before, since they are as much do lists as they are a list of things to forget about before I go to sleep and I can rest east, safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to think about any of those things for atleast 8 hours.

Get A Routine

This one is a hard one. Finding a routine that I can stick to is in fact near impossible, so I am starting off small. A routine doesn’t necessarily mean doing the same thing every day, monday to friday, it may just mean trying to structure your time a bit more effectively. For example, picking days that I will go to gym, deciding on afternoons that I will apply for jobs or simply just trying to get out of bed at the same time every day.



I am hoping that these not so ground breaking tips will help me towards a more productive 2016, and fingers crossed I won’t be writing the same blog post this time next year. There will of course be days when I am not productive, and I don’t get out of bed until two o’clock, and I get a Dominoes for dinner, and I struggle to remember the last time I drank a glass of water, but alas at at the end of days like these I will still crawl guiltily  into bed and start making the long to do list for tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.27.22








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