Chanel Rouge Noir Absolutment

Chanel’s christmas collection never fails to excite me, and this year was no exception. This year, the collection, pays tribute to the iconic Rouge Noir varnish which turns twenty this christmas. From when it first adorned nails on the catwalk of the 1994 autumn/winter show the polish has been a cult product in the beauty world and now Rouge Noir is finally being expanded to a full limited edition make up range! Really, forget No.5, it’s all about No.18…

There are some gorgeous products in the collection- including an innovative plum coloured mascara which sounds really strange, however, the lovely woman in John Lewis convinced me to try it and it was actually really subtle. I also had my eyes on the eyeshadow quad which I have been swatching literally every time I am near a store. I love how gold hues, soft pink shades and taupes have been mixed into the collection, these softer tones really compliment the ‘is it black? is it red?’ nature that the Rouge Noir is so well known for. There is also an Illusion D’ombre eyeshadow, which got me really excited since I love and treasure the one that I already have, the texture of these shadows is so unique- kind of like a cream to powder type product.

I could have gone crazy and bought the whole fifteen piece collection, but on my budget I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Whilst I am sure more investments will be made before christmas I limited myself to one thing for now and I went with my favourite- Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir.


 I saw this nail varnish whilst scrolling through my Instagram on the morning that the collection was revealed and fell immediately in love. I went to pay it a little visit just to see it in person, and when it was removed from that shiny black packaging, (I kid you not) my heart began to pound. Its pathetic really, a bottle of chemicals  could bring me so much joy, but this particular bottle of chemicals really is the most beautiful thing. The top coat is not a glitter, oh no, it’s so much more opulent than that, like a glitter for grown ups! The closest way I can think to describe it is as if gold leaf has been crumbled into the semi-transparent dark red varnish, all of the rose gold shards vary in size and shape and dry to a completely smooth finish. So far I have been wearing it over a dark wine colour but I think it would look gorgeous on top of any dark wintery colour and it looks completely lovely on its own.

By complete coincidence I picked mine up on the day that the collection came out, but I was warned that it would all sell out super quick, so get your hands on them soon. In fact they have been out for over a week now so stop reading and get shopping!



Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.27.22

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