Homemade Granola & Baked Peaches

I always find it much harder to eat well at this time of year,  for me comfort eating seems to come with the cold weather. Breakfast I find especially hard. On a cold, dark morning the last thing I want is a green juice. I have recently taken a liking to a bowl of porridge with a huge spoon of nutella stirred in and a few fresh raspberries sprinkled on top, it’s so tasty and keeps me going way into the afternoon. Admittedly having this every day is not the lightest option, hence I am trying to mix it up with some more (slightly) healthier, but equally comforting, recipes…


300g Oats
4 tbsp Honey (you could do half honey half maple syrup)
1 tsp Vanilla/Almond Extract
2 tbsp Vegetable Oil
Dried Fruit
Nuts & Seeds
A Handful of Crumbled Amaretti Biscuits (optional)



This granola is so easy and you can really adapt the recipe, adding whatever fruit, nuts and seeds you like. I can’t say much more than literally mix all your ingredients in a bowl and spread out over baking tray. I added the naughty addition of the amaretti biscuits since they needed using up and they add the occasional lovely sweet crunch to a mouthful of granola. Depending on how much fruit and nuts you add, it usually takes around 20 minutes in a relatively low oven (150C/Fan) for the oats to crisp up. I actually used my granola for a dessert straight after I made it and served it warm with yogurt which was delicious. The rest of it was left to cool and then transferred to a jar where it should last for weeks!



Baked Peaches

As Many (Halved) Peaches Needed To Fill A Baking Dish
Sprinkling of Brown Sugar
4 tbsp Water
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Half and stone the peaches and place skin down in a dish, then sprinkle some brown sugar over the fruit. Mix together the water and the vanilla extract and pour evenly around the dish. Bake for around 25 until the peaches are soft and the brown sugar is all sticky and syrupy.




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