Autumn Beauty Essentials

I wish that I could be more excited about this time of year. I love the idea of cozy nights in and warm fires, crisp autumn walks with the leaves crunching under your wellies but the reality is often quite different. In England the autumn and winter months usually entails day after day of grey skies and constant drizzle, and from about October to February I find myself longing for summer. Hence why I have tried to incorporate a little bit of the fading warm season into my autumn makeup look…


Berry Lips

A dark berry lip is key to any autumn look and I have a fair collection but I have picked my two favourites to feature since these are the ones I have been reaching for, pretty much everyday since the end of August. They are both Kate Moss for Rimmel, I just love the formula and trust that will last for a good few hours. I realise now that in the pictures they look almost identical but I promise that they look different when they are on! 01 is a pure dark red, there isn’t really any purple tone in it at all, which I think can be quite hard to find when looking for a dark lip colour. Its also not completely matte and has quite a smooth slightly shiny finish, which again I have found to be rare with a dark lipstick. 107 is definitely much more of a purply red and is very matte, without being too chalky or drying. With either of these lipsticks you can vary their intensity, you can either go all out and use a lip liner to create a really intense look or (and I personally prefer this) press the product into the middle of your lips and then use a finger to pat the product out from the centre, its almost like an ombre a effect, it’s just a more natural and easier to wear a deep colour.



Glowing Skin

For me personally, I can’t pull off the dark lip and pale skin, I just find it looks a bit too vampy. So the only way I have found to make a berry lipstick work for me is to combine it with a natural looking bronzer and a lovely glowing highlight. To get this all over glow I have been mixing a little bit of Benefit SunBeam with my foundation, and then highlighting with MoonBeam, both products just add a bit of a subtle warmth to cold grim days.

Cold Weather Blusher 

By cold weather blusher what I mean is those products that give you that lovely colour in your cheeks that give the impression you have been well… out in the cold weather. Topshop’s Cheek Jelly in the colour Sibling looks a bit scary in the packaging but its actually a really wearable colour. I just use my fingers to lightly pat it into my cheeks, its quite buildable, so you can just add more product for a more intense colour. Bourjois’ Rose D’Or is also a lovely one for giving you that rosy outdoor glow.



Golden Tones

I rarely wear eye makeup, especially with a dark lip, I think leaving your eyes bare just makes the look so fresh and pretty, dark lips and dark eyes can often look heavy. If the thought of leaving the house without anything is unbearable, then I think a shimmery golden eye goes perfectly with a berry lipstick. I got this Kiko one when I was in Europe for €2! It’s lovely and shimmery without being overly glittery and can either just be swept over your lids or layered up to create a really dark gold shimmer. Just add a smudge of Kohl eyeliner to the upper lash line to complete this (slightly summery) autumn look.



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