Easy Five Step Skincare Routine

I do tend to buy more makeup than I need, and spend lots of money on trying to find products that will help my skin appear flawless, but I have recently turned to the mentality that the more I look after my skin, the less makeup I will have to wear (and the less money I will have to spend)…

My skin has never really been kind to me, whilst I wouldn’t go as far to say I suffer from acne, I do get spots and it seems like they literally stay around forever! After doing some research the closest thing I could find to describe this is hyper-pigmentation, so for the past few weeks I have changed up my skincare routine to help try and calm my skin and combat these pesky marks…



Step One 

I always cleanse my skin twice, once to remove any makeup and the second to leave my skin squeaky clean. If I am wearing any eye makeup (a rarity) I will remove that before anything else, usually with a miscellar water, and then do my first cleanse with Korres Sage and Salicylic Acid Cleansing Gel which is so gentle and natural, plus it smells amazing!

Step Two

 Once all my make-up is removed I then use a facial soap, at the moment I am using one that a got in Florence. It was in a gorgeous pharmacy near Santa Maria Novella and I wanted everything, it was a complete chance I picked up this soap (it was the cheapest thing in there and I basically just wanted a souvenir), but turns out it contains sulphur which is perfect for reducing marks and preventing break outs! At first I was using it sparingly, since I won’t be able to replace it anytime soon, but it of course it’s perfect, guess I need to book another trip to Italy…

Step Three

Using a toner after cleansing just makes sure that there is no dirt left on the skin. I mostly use a tea tree toner as it usually helps with any spots but I do sometimes skip this step since my skin goes through phases of loving tea tree and phases when it feels like I am rubbing acid on my face. My favourite tea tree products are from The Body Shop, I own nearly the entire range and have used it for years. In my experience the toner is great for when your skin is feeling good and you want to keep it that way, and not so great when its going through a sensitive patch.

Step Four

I can not believe that I didn’t use to moisturise. If I could go back in time and talk to my teenage self, along with handing myself a pair of tweezers and warning myself that a fringe is never a good idea, I would change my thoughts on moisturisers. I think I had a tendency to avoid them because I had the (wrong) idea that they would make my skin even more oily and hence result in even more breakouts. However, as I have learnt relatively recently, moisturising your skin can actually help reduce hyper-pigmentation and even out your skin. I love any Lush moisturiser, I think I have tried about three and all of them helped sooth my skin without making it too greasy. The one I am using at the moment is Enzymion, its so light and I even use it under my makeup since it leaves a matte finish.

Step Five

I have heard so many people rave about La Roche Posay, and until I actually went to the stand in Boots, I assumed that it was a super expensive luxury brand that my student budget just couldn’t afford. However, most of their products come in at below fifteen pounds and they are often on offer. It was in one of these offer that I bought Effaclar Duo[+]. The first time I used it it was like a miracle product, it reduced my hyper-pigmentation in just a night! I have now been using it for at least two months and whilst it no longer has that amazing over night effect it is definitely helping to fade out any scars and marks left by breakouts.


(The Most Important) Step Six

Having a skincare routine, no matter how many steps it may be, is a complete waste unless you are also eating right and drinking tonnes of water. Bad skin is often caused by bad eating habits, greasy, sugary food is only going to encourage breakouts that no amount of beauty products will be able to control. Remember that treating your skin from the inside is as important as treating it on the outside…


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