Exploring The Markets

Started the morning right with a strong coffee and biscotti in a lovely cafe next to the San Lorenzo Market, before heading in to pick up some things for our picnic…

From the outside the indoor market is a beautiful old building made up of a series of towering archways, but inside it is spacious and modern, with a new glass ceiling and some very posh champagne bars interspersed between artisan bread makers and expensive pizza stands. Despite the upscale feeling of the place, you could still find some lovely little stalls selling everything from homemade sweets to pig’s ears! I did manage to have a second breakfast, scoffing down probably too many samples of pastries than was necessary.

Left with a massive loaf of bread, enough cheese for a whole family and peaches the size of my head. Again went over the river to the Boboli Gardens a gorgeous 16th century Italian garden, filled with winding secret paths and long avenues lined with dark cypress trees. The idea was to have an afternoon lounging in the grass, reading books and topping up the tans, and that pretty much exactly how it went. Climbing the hill once entering the garden is no easy feat, but after all the pizza and pasta I have been consuming I feel like I can’t complain! The walk is made much easier by the amazing view that you get a glimpse of as you get higher…


We stopped for our DIY lunch at the top, and stayed there for hours before we slowly strolled round the rest of the grounds…

We also stumbled across an Antony Gormley exhibition as we were leaving the gardens. His sculptures were scattered throughout the courtyard of theĀ Forte di Belvedere, a 16th century fortress perched on a hill on the outskirts of the city. From the fort you can see all the architectural marvels that Florence has to offer and right in the middle is the Duomo, looming over the terracotta roofs creating one of the most breath-taking vistas I have possibly ever seen. For Gormley to stage an exhibition that actually successfully competes with such an iconic picture is extraordinary. (My phone/camera had run out of battery by this point, it probably couldn’t have done the views justice anyways.)

After looking longingly at the luminous orange aperol spritz being served at the very expensive hill top bar, we reluctantly walked back over the bridge and into the city…


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