Up In The Air

I have to confess, when my boyfriend told me I would be going to Cappadocia, I had actually never heard of it. After googling ‘where abouts is Cappadocia’ (having really no idea how to even spell the place) what came up looked like one of those screen savers that comes with your computer, or something that would be on National Geographic, I had actually seen the famous ‘fairy chimneys’ so many times whilst scrolling through my instagram.

 After arriving in complete darkness, it was so surprising to wake up and be surround by these chimneys, I thought the formations would have been in a kind of museum or national park but they were literally everywhere. Me and Zach spent a few hours climbing up them and exploring the little rooms and tunnels that had been carved out of the rock. You can actually go to open air museums to explore the chimneys too, there they are much better preserved, you can go into the cave churches which are still covered in religious wall paintings. I do appreciate art but frescos aren’t really my thing, I much preferred the underground city, again it was all caved out of the rocks, but as the name would suggest it was underground, a sprawling complex of tunnels and rooms. Not being claustrophobic in the slightest I loved squeezing through the tunnels and climbing down the narrow, spiralling stairs, it did get a bit creepy when the lights would suddenly end and all you could see was a dark hole ahead, Ergun explained to me that some of the dark tunnels lead to storage rooms that people still use to ripen fruit, basically stick to the paths or you might end up in a room of lemons.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Whilst Cappadocia was stunning from the ground, seeing it from miles up in the air at sunrise was unforgettable. I am not the best with heights and I am also not great with early mornings, so being woken up at four in the morning to then stand in the freezing cold before being put in a wicker basket with twenty other people wasn’t really my idea of fun, but since I was with my boyfriends family I kind of just went along with it, worst comes to worst I thought I could just curl in a ball until we landed again. Ha after my experience I would go in a hot air balloon every single day, it was amazing! I think I took over three hundred photos (they actually all look pretty much the same), as the sun rose, rising with it was hundreds of other balloons dipping up and down the rose coloured valley, I quickly forgot how cold and terrified I was…




Returning to the ground to be greeted with a champagne cocktail, who cares that it was only five in the morning, made the whole thing even more perfect. Getting up at four in the morning never felt so good!


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